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Online safety

Keeping your child safe online             


Information for parents

Parent access to National Online Security resources-Enrol here for free.

Parent's guide to Reddit Queen Elizabeth II

Back to school


Dealing with grief
Parent guide to minecraft Parent guide to Steam
Parent guide to Twitch Parent guide to esports
Understanding loneliness online Parent guide to virtual reality
Ofcom’s annual ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes’ report  What parents need to know about group chats.
Parents' guide to phone scams Parents' guide to Facebook.
Parents' guide to WINK Parents' guide to YUBO
A better digital world Check in with friends
Keeping safe with a new device Parents' guide to Fortnite 3
Age innapropriate content Stay connected this Christmas


Share kindness online

Playstation Network and online gaming.

Parent's guide to Among us Xbox Live and online gaming
Parent's guide to Webcams Roblox Parents' Guide 
Parent's guide to online content

Parent's guide to YouTube

Netflix parent's guide Parent's guide to Instagram
Omegle parent's guide Parent's guide to TikTok
Parent's guide to Fortnite CH2 Smartphone online safety tips

A guide to age ratings

Protecting children's devices
Call Of Duty-safety guide for parents Snapchat online safety guide
A guide to streaming and influencers Parents' guide to location settings
Parent's guide to Rec Room Parent's guide to WeChat
Parent's guide to Whatsapp

Parental controls-android devices

Parental controls-Apple devices

Mental Wellbeing-Nature Reminders for the new school year